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We are Chikeys, new sensation in taste, aiming to re-define what taste really feels like. The brand has been registered under USPTO, we offer a wide range of flavors with a unique secret receipe comprising of organic spices. Our menu ensures that a wide range of taste is covered so that there is a dish for everyone. The menu offered at Chikeys is crisp, fresh and has its own secret recipes. carefully overseen by our Research and Development team.

award winning Brand

In a star-studded celebration of the Keralite expatriate’s entrepreneurial spirit, Worldsquare Group Managing Director Mr. Mubeer received the Young NRI Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2016 from Hon. Chief Minister of Kerala Mr. Prinarayi Vijayan, Malayalam Communications Ltd. Chairman & Malayalam Cine Super Star Mr. Mamooty, and other dignitaries and VIPs, the Kairali TV NRI entrepreneur Awards was held on 23rd December at Hotel Steigenberger Dubai

Recognizing their commitment to responsible business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and India, Kairali TV has conferred the NRI Young Entrepreneur Award 2016 to Mr. Mubeer Managing Director of Chikeys at their first ever business excellence awards. Mr.Mubeer were admired for their contribution to the industry as well as social cause;Chikeys is a Saudi-based multinational diversified group, which specializes in Foods & Beverages

Managing Director’s Message

It takes a special kind of conviction and an even more extraordinary mettle to pioneer a restaurant with such remarkable antiquity attached to it. But we set out with the same values of the Chikey’s people at heart, our partners’ customers and employees – to deliver only the most unadulterated tastes, the most heartwarming, sincere service and a gastronomical experience so enjoyable that it will always hold a place in your heart


The founder, Mubeer explains, "Serendipity brought us together at my father’s cafeteria at Al-Badia, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where I used to go and help father after my normal duty hours where we both (me and my father) happened to work together. I have noticed and had a research on father’s best-selling items out there, "Always by My Side", and went over to introduce and launch new-new items on his menu to help father to improve business, but my father always rejected my suggestions as he wanted me to work at the Bank as that time I was working for a bank in Riyadh, actually my father didn’t want me to stick with him with his business as he knows the difficulties of running a restaurant business. But finally, my father realized my passion to cook and research, he agreed my terms and asked me to prepare something good as a test and trial and my recipe was ready by the time as I know my father’s character, I knew that he would allow me later to demonstrate my innovations and preparations, finally I just brought my packet of recipe which was prepared a week ago with my hard work and research, which I took almost a year to complete. It happened to mention my long-standing desire to enter into the restaurant business.

My father soon discovered that, my passion to perform as a restaurant owner and a deep respect for my fathers’ business. The first trial was done and my father was so happy to taste it with his love and he said “it will hit the market”, my father and his partner Mr. Ahammed supported me and they and their premises were the only a platform to trial my recipe, later a week by god’s grace we have started sale of my fried chicken, let’s say, it was a new taste revolution and change in the history of fried chicken with a different flavour. Each and every single customer started to love each bite. My father’s cafeteria became more popular in the city and he started to double the normal daily sales and profit. Through time, and many brainstorming sessions, and research & development, hard work, losses, gains, I decided it was a calling at this stage in my life to try something new. That’s I named Chikeys.

"I realized we could team up and build something special. Our shared virtues bonded us as business partners," like Franchising. "This is the first time the brand Chikeys won a The Best Business Start Up Award in the Middle East in 2016. For me to make this historic first step for my company, the situation had to be just right. This was the perfect confluence. I was thrilled to be presenting the Calling."

We never compromise on taste. The best ingredients, carefully chosen and cooked with passion. Our product is made to order for the most exquisite taste
Values and responsibility
We appreciate the value of a good taste in the mind as well as in the mouth. Today, it is not enough just to make the best. We must also take responsibility for our products
We are in the forefront in keeping track of the latest trends, always aiming to be even better. Chikeys takes pride in offering top of the line technology and equipment.