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The most important aspect for Chikeys – the taste! If there is one thing we are known for it is that the majority of people think that our food tastes the best. Evidence: We always have the best results from basically all the taste tests conducted across the world. The best taste – for different tastes!

Wonderful ambience, Great food!

I have visited Chikeys and the ambience was so nice. More over, the food they served me was so delicious and most importantly super hot and fresh!

Isha Talwar

Bollywood Actor

Superb place for food and fun!

"A young and energetic feel is what I get always at Chikeys, one of my most favourite restaurants. Love the way they serve us"

Noorin Sherif

Malayalam Movie Actor

Fantastic by all taste!

I’m delighted with the taste of Chikeys. An artist and more than that a food lover, I always enjoy my times at Chikeys - my favourite chicken destination!

Fuad A.Abuhasnah

Arab Movie Actor

Energy served,perfectly!

Being at Chikeys is really awesome and fun. The positive energy which we get inside the restaurant is super cool and to say about the food, it’s delicious and lovely!

AL Nasar FC

Saudi Arabia Football Team

Best one, super delicious!

"I always care about the quality of the food I eat. And for me, Chikeys always gave me the best. I strongly recommend Chikeys"

Sanusha Santhosh

Malayalam Movie Actor

My favourite restaurant in town!

"Chikeys is my favourite restaurant to have fried chicken and also the pastas. I love being here with my family the most times"

Santhosh Keezhatoor

Malayalam Movie Actor

Hospitality at its best!

"I always love to eat at Chikeys with my family as we love the young and the feel-good ambiance of the restaurant. I recommend Chikeys"

MMV Moidu

Chairman & MD, Nikshan Electronics

A beef steak lover!

"For me, I love everything about Chikeys from its ambiance to the hospitality to its great-yummy food. I love their beef steak, my favourite at Chikeys"

TNM Jawad

Founder & MD TNM Group