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Brand with new sensation in taste
Posted On : Dec 03, 2019
The Chikey’s has become very popular within short period of time as they have developed the brand with new sensation in taste; they called it as “Twist in Taste”. They have their own 5 outlets in Kingdome of Saudi Arabia and started franchising the brand later 2016. The Master Franchise agreement has been signed with a well-known group in southern India. They have already opened first outlet and other 6 locations are opening soon in Kerala, southern India. According to company’s Managing Director Mr. Mubeer, They are expanding the business in more cities of southern India including Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Also company has its own plan to expand the business in North India as well as Middle East region such as Bahrain, UAE, Oman and Qatar in the end of 2019. Also company executive said that, they are opening soon in Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.